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In Action

PACT Spring Festival 2017

Polyjam Ritual, Berlin 2017

Digra, Dundee 2016

Rotterdam 2016

Now Play This, London 2016

Events & Festivals

JAP is perfect for festive events or casual meetups, providing a playful component to almost any gathering. Structures grow over time and are collaboratively made, becoming “social glue” for your event and creating fun content for social media. JAP is lightweight and mobile, spectacular but not imposing, and can serve as evolving scene for other components of the event (panel discussions, live music...). The various different play modes make it accessible for all.

Training & Team Building

In training & team building settings, JAP offers a playful mode of hands-on, instinctive collaboration and painless trial and error. It trains spacial design thinking and problem-solving, prototyping and iteration and can be customized to fit special themes. Playable outdoors or indoors in almost any location. Get to know your colleagues in a new light!

Just Add People

the instant architecture game

a project by:
Jennifer Aksu
Kerem Halbrecht
Anna Hentschel
Gilly Karjevsky
Sebastian Quack

JUST ADD PEOPLE (JAP) is an invitation into the realm of architecture, a playful tool for prototyping spaces as a means of reflecting on and advancing relationships – between people, people, objects and environemnts.

The game is the result of a collaboration between 72 Hour Urban Action and artist group Invisible Playground, exploring the discipline of gameful architecture.

As experts in game design, space design, architecture and social urban practices, our work is informed interdisciplinarily. Just Add People expresses our wish to open up gameful architecture to a broader audience.

Talk to us

We are based in Berlin but we like to travel, we speak English, German, Hebrew, Turkish and very little French. Ask us about how to fit JAP into your event!